Online Music Production Classes

Learn FL Studio with GD Beat Studio

  • Fun and easy online format
  • Personalized programs for all levels – beginner to pro
  • One-on-one support from talented musicians, producers, and teachers

How It Works

Live Video Classes

  • Meet from anywhere
  • Keep creating and participating between live video classes

Producers Community

  • Share, collaborate, and learn with the awesome beat studio community

Personalized Growth

  • Get help learning what YOU want to learn
  • Develop your personal authentic style

Personalized Music Lessons

Become a seasoned producer, capable of producing release-ready material from start to finish in a short amount of time.

  • Personal support and guidance
  • Resources, exercises, and goals tailored to your needs

Learn from Talented Producers

GD Beat Studio was founded by DJ and Producer Greg Dibs. All of our teachers are experienced music teachers and musicians. Our music school’s core focus is using FLStudio to make dope beats. We emphasize…

  • music theory and fundamentals
  • musicianship
  • sound design
  • sampling
  • arrangement
  • mixing and mastering